What Happens After You Die?

Are you just a body, a purely physical object that falls apart after death, or something more? Is there anything, for that matter, that is ultimately more than just physical? A soul for instance. Likes, dislikes, memories, personality traits–could the “real you” be housed in a new, different kind of body, given to you after your current body dies? The same program run on a different computer would be an analogy– but with no known memory device to store it in between.

Who could make you that new body and effect the transfer? And why would He bother? Anyone who did that for you, as well as being incredibly smart and powerful, would have to care about you an awful lot, to save you like that. He would have to love you. But why? How about because He made you– to be with Him?

Where Did Everything Come From?

But you still are, at least partly, a physical body–a chunk of matter, one small piece of the cosmos, which some say just popped up by itself, randomly, over time. Otherwise someone who was “there before” made the cosmos too. There is little dispute that the universe had a beginning. Before then, it did not exist. It could not have started itself–because it wasn’t there. So whatever started it had to be ‘outside of’ the physical universe. Beyond nature. Whoever made you, and nature, has to be supernatural.

But a personal Creator? God?

Yes, and it’s obvious if you just look. Every object in nature manifests order and design. From atoms to cells, organisms, minds, planets, galaxies. Look close enough, at any part of the world and you find genius: inexplicably followed laws, planning, order, execution, beauty. Can these be “caused” by chance? Not a chance. The physical world tends toward disorder, irregularity and decay. Yet we live, think and speak in a world of order, regularity and life. A thinking mind must underlie it; nature cannot produce nature. A Mind of unimaginable knowledge, power and presence, unfathomably greater than your own–but a mind nevertheless– has designed and built you and your universe.

Now here’s something to think about. You can speak. So, certainly, can He. And there is very good evidence that He has.

Why are you here?

Purpose and meaning are closely related. People with clear goals, who act and speak with purpose, have “meaningful” lives. Pleasure, fun and happiness can brighten the days of those living without purpose or meaning, but eventually, if nothingness awaits, nothing you do, say or think will have made any difference to you or anyone else. No ultimate purpose and no true meaning could attend anything you might have ever heard or said if the physical world were all there is.

But the God who made you has spoken. His words gave men a very clear picture of the purposes for which they were made and the true meaning of the things around them. They were not complicated, just simple commands, the simple, eternal truths of existence, of good and bad, meaning and purpose.